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May 31, 2012 / Kirsty Pitkin


Updated on 31st May 2012 to reflect changes in the URL structure on organiser’s blog, which broke the links.

  1. dandineen
    Redesigning the humble train ticket at #uxbristol. Thanks to @MarkSkinner_ @marianamota & @jimmymorrisuk for an awesome workshop
  2. ifenn
    Just five minutes into the #uxbristol workshop on surveys by @cjforms and if her upcoming book is this good… wow!
  3. bouncingdan
    Personas are good for the whole team if they’re based on real data, not made up – @leisa at #uxbristol
  4. MarianaMota
    RT @brisusability: When you test without data, you test the usability. When you test with data, you test the whole user experience @steve_cable #uxbristol
  5. Listening to Alan describe the importance of the vision statement for a project. #uxbristol Nicely put
  6. Gavjh
    Really interesting workshop by Denise Pires & Stijn Nieuwendijk. Really enjoyed the iPhone prototyping talk and practical #uxbristol
  7. chudders
    @ferg4ddc is rocking his workshop, he’s hidden the chairs and he’s working em hard! #uxbristol @brisusability
  8. dandineen
    Thanks to @stijnn & @denisepires for a top mobile testing workshop. I can say for definite that UXers make duff tax consultants #uxbristol
  9. And the verdict after all this….?

  10. richardcaddick
    Thanks to all the #uxbristol attendees, volunteers, speakers and organisers for making it great.
  11. ginosoave
    Had an awesome time at #uxbristol and met loads of cool people. Thanks @DaveEllender @stuchurch and @chudders for organising a great day!
  12. nicprice
    Had a fantastic day, great conversations and lots of learning at #uxbristol Big thanks to organisers @DaveEllender @stuchurch @chudders
  13. marthalaldridge
    Excellent day at #uxbristol. Chatted to some lovely people. Pity the two people I spoke to the longest I can’t find on #Twitter!

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