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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

The Opening of IWMW 2011

  1. We were welcomed to the University of Reading by the Director of External Affairs, Shaun Horan.

    Horan provided a context to the landscape for universities and how web teams might fit into this landscape…
  2. Universities are going to have to get better at marketing themselves… reputation will be central to what universities do #iwmw11 #p0
  3. We live in challenging times – that’s our opportunity #iwmw11 #p0
  4. Brian Kelly introduced the theme for this year’s event: responding to change.

    His slides are available below and at Slideshare.

  5. Amongst his key points were the following comments…
  6. Kelly: We need to respond to the changes provided by the technical developments – this is the opportunity to experiment and plan #iwmw11 #p0
  7. Kelly: We need to demonstrate our value, and we need to respond to competition and privatisation #iwmw11 #p0
  8. Kelly: Our strength is in our unity and sharing, which allows us to punch above our weight #iwmw11 #p0
  9. Brian also discussed the benefits of open data and our response to the government’s call for universities to provide KIS.  Further information about KIS can be found in this post from HEFCE…

  10. Brian also invited Mike Nolan from Edge Hill University to feedback about the work of the DevCSI Open Data Hack Day yesterday. Here are some of the ideas and developments Mike reflected upon…

  11. Nolan: Web teams may be able to provide assistance integrating information from estates to make campuses more efficient #iwmw11 #p0
  12. Nolan: Ben O’Steen and Dave Challis produced a heat map showing university accommodation costs at #devcsi #iwmw11hack #iwmw11 #p0
  13. Nolan: Looked at how to take data that exists in universities to make them available in open data using tools like Graphite #iwmw11 #p0
  14. Here are some of the reactions from delegates to these opening remarks…
  15. Liked the look of open data solutions at #iwmw11 – estates data, accommodation prices etc – good student focus and demonstration of value
  16. #IWMW11 only a third of the audience put up there hands suggesting they know about the KIS!
  17. #iwmw11 theme is "responding to change" @briankelly: technical devs, centralisation, show value, competition, privatisation, customer-cent’d
  18. We should respond to both competition and privatisation (in Spain too) #iwmw11
  19. Further responses to this presentation, including video footage and a session summary will be available at the IWMW 2011 Blog.

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