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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

JISC11: Financial Challenges – Digital Opportunities

  1. Opening Address

    The keynote address was presented by Professor Eric Thomas, Vice Chancellor at the University of Bristol.

    In his address, Professor Thomas provided an overview of the current economic situation for the sector and discussed the role JISC can play in the future, which informed the forward-looking discussions and parallel sessions which took place throughout the rest of the day.

  2. This presentation attracted a number of detailed responses from delegates, who blogged their reactions in the following posts:

  3. Eric Thomas keynote at #jisc11 yesterday:
  4. Topical Discussions

    A range of conference topics attracted lively discussion throughout the event.  Here are some of the highlights from the online discussions and amplified resources…
  5. Cloud Computing in HE
  6. nice live-blog of the #cloud session RT @cloggingchris: Chris blogged Clouds and clouds and feeling strange – #jisc11
  7. #jisc11 Cloud legal discussion – getting your data out of Google –
  8. Hughes: There are opportunities and savings that can be made – but the risks need to be understood in context of existing services #jisc11
  9. OER
  10. Chris Pegler: “You can’t anticipate what people will reuse” #jisc11 (nice to see images properly cited in ppt too)
  11. Viv Sieber looked at 800 items, downloaded 60 converted faves from .doc to HTML manually. But still cites time savings over creation #jisc11
  12. Please don’t use NC licenses – go the whole hog 🙂 – delegate (Peter from Cambridge) at #jisc11 <– yes!
  13. . @psychemedia good point on how a .pdf is not a great way to share data – getting it out is a difficult task, ND by format #jisc11
  14. Chris Pegler “how would students react to the use of OER on a high-priced course?” #jisc11
  15. Open Scholarship
  16. How can you participate in #OpenScholarship? Start small: agree to share a bibliography or component part to save researchers time #JISC11
  17. #jisc11 astute question from @gklyne Does the need to demonstrate novelty in your work in academia militate against openness?
  18. #OpenScholarship is vital to make research cost-effective: over 8 billion pounds a year is being spent on UK research (RLUK), #JISC11 #JISC
  19. Amplified Events
  20. Reflections on the Amplified Events session at #JISC11 with access to slides & videos. #amp
  21. Event amplification encourages real time peer review of the speaker #jisc11 #amp (can lead to concerns but many benefits)
  22. Reflections and Questions

    There were a number of questions and reflections about the future going forward from #JISC11 provoked by the sessions and discussions around the event.
  23. What should be top of the agenda for #JISC12? How about “Using technology to make FE and HE courses more vocational?” #JISC #JISC11
  24. Be interesting to see the answers in a years time from some of the qus raised at #jisc11 Especially reagrding student numbers
  25. Thoughts about #JISC11
    After the event, a number of physical and remote delegates shared their overall impressions and highlights from the events.
  26. Thanks to #JISC11 for a great conference & thought-provoking ideas on open education resources & the need for integrated research management
  27. Reflecting on #jisc11 – vgood networking opps, sessions mixed (some very misleading session titles), ve ‘buzz’ despite sector uncertainty
  28. hmmm… #jisc11 was interesting enough that it prevented me from doing everything i was hoping to do today – not sure that’s a good thing?
  29. The one thing that bugged the heck out of me in #JISC11 – #JISC
  30. think online attendance at #jisc11 delivered 60-70% of the value of F2F attendance – nicely done & congrats to @jisc team
  31. Reflections on #jisc11 – good to meet contacts new and old. Glad to hear that what we do continues to be informed by the latest approaches.
  32. Last Word

    The last word has to go to the most prolific tweeter of the event:

  33. Thanks for a well organised conference, #jisc11 … and I’m sorry I ate all the biscuits.
  34. Find Out More

    You can find videos of the live streamed sessions, presentations and other virtual treats in the JISC11 Virtual Goody Bag.
    If you want to know more about this event or get updates about future JISC events, please follow @JISCEvents on Twitter.

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