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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

IWMW Plenary 6: Embedding Web 2.0

  1. Hamilton: Web 2.0 changes the relationship between the university, its academics and its users #iwmw11 #p6
  2. Experiences of Embedding Web 2.0

    Martin began his presentation with a walk through of his own experiences of embedding Web 2.0 technologies in various contexts at Loughborough University, including his own work with Google Apps and work using Facebook to create a community around a new course.

    He also discussed the various policy development issues he has encountered within the institution as a result of this work, and the supporting evidence they have been collecting to inform policy decisions.

  3. Hamilton: Loughborough has been playing with a wired, hired and fired traffic light system to judge what tools to look at #iwmw11 #p6
  4. Hamilton: Their institutional web 2.0 guidelines are available as a shared Google doc to crowdsource ideas #iwmw11 #p6
  5. Hamilton: Aiming to build up a portfolio of practical case studies to help pass on lessons about using these tools #iwmw11 #p6
  6. Hamilton: Demonstrating the my.Lboro student portal – which helps to slip messages in that we might not otherwise get to promote #iwmw11 #p6
  7. Tools

    Martin went on to discuss web 2.0 tools in the context of institutional use and investment.

    He advocated that web managers should know about and have opinions about these tools, so they can play a role in guiding institutional use and policy making.

  8. Hamilton: There is a tendency to assume that all web 2.0 things will be free. Ning’s £20 per year fee was seen as too high! #iwmw11 #p6
  9. Hamilton: It’s easy to forget the people we’re talking to don’t necessarily know about online tools we use i.e. Google Forms #iwmw11 #p6
  10. Hamilton: Nod to @psychemedia & his work with Google spreadsheets -should web managers be expected to know how to do this stuff? #iwmw11 #p6
  11. Beware of Speed

    Martin concluded with a warning designed to keep us on our toes and make us consider the speed at which Web 2.0 tools evolve:

  12. Hamilton: Internet years are very strange things. #iwmw11 #p6
  13. Reactions

    The web managers in the audience shared the following range opinions and perspectives about Martin’s talk…

  14. Nice to have a insight into Loughborough’s student portal. #iwmw11 #p6
  15. Haven’t noticed digital literacy increasing as tools get easier – but easier for ppl to do things badly. 😦 #iwmw11 #p6
  16. We need to have an opinion about Google as people will ask US about it. #iwmw11 #P6
  17. #iwmw11 #p6 key takeaway from Martin Hamilton’s talk – have a play with Google
  18. Web 2.0 policy? Sigh. Do we also have a paper policy, whiteboard policy, biro policy…? #iwmw11 #p6
  19. Embedding 3rd Party services we need to consider reputation, message and dependability #iwmw11 #p6
  20. Further Information

    Martin’s slides are available in HTML5 from the IWMW webpage about his talk.
    Martin has also described his thinking on this topic in more detail in his recent blog post, which also describes his take aways from the event.


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