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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

IWMW Plenary 2: Marketing and Other Dirty Words

  1. Amber blogged before her talk to outline some of the ideas she would be exploring.  Here’s a snippet of that post, which has attracted some interesting comments so far…

  2. Amber provided a context to her presentation by describing the values of the sector, comparing these to the often despised values of markets, highlighting the openness agenda on one side and the “dirty words” associated with measurement and monetization on the other….

  3. Thomas: How relevant are open access, open educational resources, open practice, open data and open innovation to your day jobs? #iwmw11 #p2
  4. Thomas: A lot of people pursuing open ways of working – we need to connect those activities to the university web services #iwmw11 #p2
  5. Thomas: We need some kind of bridging between the language of value and the language of the markets (the dirty words) #iwmw11 #p2
  6. Amber went on to discuss the role that web teams could play in bridging this gap…

  7. Thomas: Departments will start becoming more demanding of web teams to help them collect information for the REF #iwmw11 #p2
  8. Thomas: It’s not just about getting people registered, it’s about avoiding drop outs so it will be important to target marketing #iwmw11 #p2
  9. Thomas: How many universities have a blogroll of blogging academics? Or links to their Slideshare accounts etc? #iwmw11 #p2
  10. Thomas: There is an appetite to enhance research publications and help academics to make a big splash #iwmw11 #p2
  11. Thomas: We can link the world of values & the world of the market by making the most of the web through linking, APIs, feeds etc #iwmw11 #p2
  12. Thomas: We need to support the institution around the key things that it needs to do. Become the teddy bear in the suit #iwmw11 #p2
  13. Reactions

    Here are some of the comments that Amber elicited from the audience via Twitter…
  14. #iwmw11 #p2 Lots of things covered there, harder to take onboard all the detail
  15. Should really work with the Library team to harness the data they have to support work of the web team (& vice versa). #p2 #iwmw11
  16. I really like the idea of enhanced research publications by @ambrouk #iwmw11 #p2 Academics should embrace this!
  17. I want to be a fuzzy kitten in a suit, not a teddy bear 😉 #iwmw11 #p2

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