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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

DevCSI OER Hack Day

  1. Introduction

    The OER Hack Day brought together software developers, project managers, academics, learning technologists, researchers and users particularly in education (though not exclusively) who are interested in hacking OER content, systems and services.

    This is a social summary of the event, including tweets, blog posts and even the occasional haiku from the participants themselves.
  2. #oerhack finding out about the use of open content is valuable business intelligence- how do you know? what can you know?
  3. Excited by discovering the clever things being done with #oerhack
  4. Really interested in Wookie – – easily embed widgets into different web environments #oerhack
  5. Wow, hadn’t seen OERbit before, looks awesome. Was hoping for an OER Drupal. Add an Open Atrium skin and this would be perfect. #oerhack
  6. #oerhack !! while he was waiting Mark has wookied @JorumTeam ‘s widget into wookie and into a VLE
  7. Interesting metaphor from Mark J – #learningreg is a message bus for learning resources #oerhack
  8. #oerhack @learningreg working on premise that paradata & analytics will be more important than metadata (manual); using couchdb
  9. Yes! User generated ‘paradata’ about resources is likely to be more important in the long term than metadata #oerhack #oerbital #learningreg
  10. Hearing @ambrouk lamenting CC-BY images with no “name” to attribute. Suggests to me the resource needs a less restrictive licence #oerhack
  11. Talking Salmon at #oerhack. Comments jumping back up stream. #fishy
  12. #oerhack importance of being able to link content to courses – to go one to the other – something we should be pushing for
  13. Adding semantic mediawiki to #oerbital to promote content and paradata at #oerhack.
  14. Repository deposit from the desktop – – will add to wiki after lunch! #oerhack
  15. #oerhack – some amazing work being shown off at the end of two days. Room visibly wilting after the all-nighter.
  16. For More Information…

    – Visit the #oerhack wiki hosted by CETIS
    – Read the complete event report at the DevCSI blog

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