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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

Dev8D: Day Two

  1. Despite a late night at the event social, participants were hard at work sharing ideas first thing in the morning…
  2. #dev8d been here under an hour… learning so much that stuff is falling out the other side of head already
  3. #dev8d in the Kinect workshop, learnt loads so far, and we’re only 7 minutes in!
  4. Participants got cracking with their challenge submissions:
  5. I did an iPhone app for the #dev8d challenge. knackered now. nice change, since I mainly do mobile web stuff
  6. Our (me, @nwe23 and @davejessop) #Dev8D Elsevier SciVerse Challenge entry:
  7. The lightning talks continued:
  8. Gave lightning talks about the new app developed for Elsevier Challenge, for the #metadata used in our @Landmap service in #Dev8D #light
  9. And emotions flew high….
  10. The eBeams up and running! Hurrah 😀 and the lasers are nearly calibrated! #dev8d #proj excitement
  11. It’s offical, I may be in love with the @mollyproject #dev8d #wk
  12. …But emotions were not the only things flying high:
  13. The Dev8D philosophy dictated that all problems were opportunities:
  14. the Great Internet Outage of #dev8d led to a new @dexyit feature – if you lose internet access dexy will use cached files (will be in 0.2.1)
  15. …And participants continued to have a go at a wide range of tools and technologies:
  16. Hi! I’m trying CKAN and uploaded the #dev8d programme RDF into now learning what to do with it once is there!!!
  17. Currently sparqling @archiveshub rdf in instance of Fuseki triple store installed on laptop courtesy of @GKlyne ‘s #dev8d rdf workshop
  18. Making valuable connections in the process:
  19. importance of context in linguistics reminds me of the concepts behind openurl #dev8d
  20. The feedback from the whole event was great.  Here is just a small selection of the comments…
  21. #dev8d session that made biggest impression was Time & Effort tips. Not the specific tips, but the value of the exercise.
  22. So, yes, #dev8d was brilliant. Learnt so much in the past 3 days!!! Thanks to all those involved – totally worth all the effort! 8D
  23. Many thanks to those that organised #dev8d I learnt a lot & remembered why I love being a developer 🙂
  24. My first #dev8d & my bag full of awards! ‘best developer newcomer’,second for Elsevier SciVerse challenge,second for Picture This challenge
  25. #dev8d was really inspiring. Great sessions & great people. Congrats to who won awards! @MrJ1971 @cgutteridge @puntofisso ..
  26. Sustaining myself on long train journey to Glasgow with pickled onion Monster Munch courtesy of #dev8d. Best conference food/drink ever.
  27. #dev8d is the best conference I’ve been to in ages! 2 days of pure learning, experimenting, networking. Languages, Geo, Hacks. Loved it!
  28. sincere thank you to @mahendra_mahey & the entire #dev8d team & attendees – another wonderful event – congratulations!
  29. We could go on, and on, and on…. but you probably get the idea!

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