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December 17, 2011 / Kirsty Pitkin

Dev8D: Day One

  1. Surreal scenes at the University of London Union as developers from across education and the commercial sector gathered to share ideas, code, and experiences at this fully interactive event. Delegates were advised by Dev8D veteran, Chris Gutteridge, how they could make the most of their time here.
  2. There was a mixture of software- and hardware-focussed sessions, often involving lots of hands on, practical tinkering….
  3. #dev8d #wk Turning your Arduino into an LED cannon is frowned upon.
  4. #dev8d just found several Arduino projects suitable for an evil genius. I better start practicing my manic laugh Muahahahaha!
  5. Having a play with RFID at #dev8d – appears the Oxford Bus Company keys use the same tech as the new Oyster cards!
  6. Many developers got their first taste of new technologies…
  7. just wrote my first lines of Clojure. Very cool. #dev8d
  8. Python: confusing yet interesting #dev8d #lab
  9. … and had a go at presenting to their peers:
  10. clojure workshop at #dev8d oh god im going to have to program in front of everyone
  11. There were some great overheard comments…
  12. OH: Can I copy the last line? This is emacs, it’s going be harder than you think. #dev8d
  13. OH: ‘You shouldn’t have to read a pdf to use a webservice’ #dev8d
  14. Knowledge sharing is a key part of Dev8D, with many delegates using Twitter to identify interesting/interested people for discussions….
  15. If anyone wants a to talk about the distributed version control tool git, I’m happy to chat. #dev8d #git
  16. if anyone at #dev8d worked (or even installed successfully) Blacklight – – I would like to pick your brains!
  17. …whilst others chose to run lightning talks about their current projects and interests:
  18. On my way to #dev8d to do a 15 min lightening talk with a demo to introduce #grails to the education sector
  19. There were even positive comments about the lunch!
  20. #dev8d We’ve just had quite the best conference lunch I’ve had in many years. Several orders of magnitude beyond dried up sandwiches. Yum!
  21. There was a wide variety of presentations, several of which tool delegates on a journey to explore a new technology from beginner level and beyond…
  22. Interesting talk on Dexy ( code documentation tool from @ananelson #dev8d #light
  23. wow!!! Python session with Alex was really popular!!! despite name was on wiki was simply no space! what a shame… 😦 #intro2python #dev8d
  24. #dev8d back in #lab for the second half of the python session, asked for a run through of the differences between v2 & v3

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